Marcus Dineen has been a cinematographer for nearly twenty years.

After studying at the VCA school of Film in Australia and then at the Kodak/ Panavision masterclass in Budapest, he has been shooting a variety of commercials, dramas and documentary projects in his native home, Australia.

In 2012, Marcus re-located to Sweden and has continued his work here, filming various TVCs and short film projects. 

Marcus has a very broad experience base, having knowledge in green screen and motion control effects photography, character based drama, product and fashion photography and even specialised for a time in filming in remote communities around the world for NGOs.

Marcus is also an inventor and designs some of his own cinematography equipment. See kinehawk.com for some of his most recent creations.

Stress is damaging to the on set workflow, and Marcus has a reputation for remaining cool under pressure, and works hard to give the director the space to tell the story. Nothing is too difficult and any problem can be solved with the right mindset.

Marcus Is also a writer and director, and has even done some acting. This story telling experience really helps him assist the director to tell the story he or she wants to create.