Originally from Australia, Marcus is a Stockholm based DOP shooting award winning drama, commercials and documentaries.

His recent short dramas have enjoyed festival success. “Fuck You” directed by Anette Sidor  was selected for competition at Sundance, and has won awards at Torronto and Go Shorts (Academy qualifying) plus others. “Skuggdjur” (Shadow Animals) directed by Jerry Carlsson has won awards at Clermont Ferrand, Palm Springs and many more. “Echo” directed by Victor Perez was nominated for best virtual cinematography at the VES awards, the world’s most prestigious visual effects awards, competing against “Ready Player One” and other Hollywood heavyweights.

Marcus has had a very broad range of experience during his career. Filming everything from large budget commercials to shooting for NGOs in remote villages throughout south-east Asia, Africa and the Pacific. 

Marcus studied directing at Victorian College of the Arts in Australia and was awarded a scholarship to attend the Kodak/ Panavision cinematography masterclass in Budapest. He has directed and acted in several films and plays. His approach to cinematography is as much about inventive and effective storytelling as it is about creating pretty images. 

“The film needs to look amazing, but it doesn’t count for anything if it doesn’t cut or communicate the emotion of the scene. Visual storytelling. That’s the job. It’s a holistic thing.”

Apart from a thorough understanding of film technique, everything from complicated motion control visual effects to shooting in a village several days travel from anywhere, Marcus has many other skills. He built his first car, a house and is now working on a boat. He even invented and built a unique camera stabiliser, plus other inventions. How does this relate to the art of film making? It results in him having the ability to solve the kind of unforeseen problems that happen on set every day quickly and efficiently. Allowing the director and crew to focus on the most important thing of all, the story.



m: +4676 901 1774